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Socially Conscious
Training's & Curriculum's

Concrete Dreamers is a training and curriculum design agency that specializes in youth empowerment and professional development. We currently partner with schools, non-profits, and businesses to implement innovative training's and customized curriculum. Our mission is to Educate the Privileged and Empower the Poor around Social Justice issues. 

> Adult Training

> Program Consulting


>Curriculum Development

Nyima Porter 5

  Poverty Simulation

Nyima Porter 6

  Money Matters Workshop

I thought that if people are in poverty, they could work themselves out. But my opinion changed after living through it. We were doing all we could just to pay our bills and raise the kids, but it still was not enough.  -Adult Participant

I realize I have to continue my education if I want really nice things in life.

- 8th Grade Student

Nyima Porter 7

  Networking Night 

If I had any pretension about meeting other engineering professionals, those ideas are gone now.-College Sophomore

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