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We envision a world where EMPATHY and EMPOWERMENT 
are normalized. 



We Are.

Concrete Dreamers, LLC was founded in 2015 by two sisters with lived experiences navigating poverty and professional backgrounds as educators. The business has grown into a full-service company that now offers professional development training, Train-the-Trainer courses, program design, and customized curriculums. We have national partners in all sectors of employment, including: K-12 Schools, Colleges and Universities, Nonprofits, State/City Government, and Corporations. We help our partners tackle concrete barriers and achieve abstract dreams!

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Nyima Porter

Nyima Porter is the Student Equity Specialist at Columbus Academy in Columbus, OH and the Founder of Concrete Dreamers. Nyima has a master’s degree in Social Work, certificate of Nonprofit Management, and minor degree in Parks and Recreational Programs. Nyima comes from generational poverty, served two terms in AmeriCorps, and has more than 20 years of experience working with underserved youth and underrepresented populations.

She consults with nonprofit and corporate service providers in the areas of training facilitation, curriculum development, capacity building, and special projects/events. Nyima is also a national Technical Assistance Provider for MENTOR; national trainer for Bridges Out of Poverty; and national Poverty Simulation facilitator. She believes in the empowerment of individuals who’s concrete realities often overshadow their abstract future dreams.

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Shernee Bellamy

Shernee "Shay" Bellamy is a Media Specialist of the Alachua County Public Schools System in Gainesville Florida, and the Training Consultant of Concrete Dreamers. She has a master's degree in Secondary Education and Language Arts from Mercyhurst University of Pennsylvania. She also holds a B.F.A in Theatre, minor degree in Speech Communications, served two years in AmeriCorps, and has over 10 years of experience teaching students K - College.

Always Educationing from a personal lens as a black female who grew up in poverty, Shernee uses Experiential Learning Design to develop innovative curriculum for all audiences. Her passion for theater enhances each project by using role-playing and team building. She stands firm in her conviction that this curriculum is best taught by individuals who've lived the experiences they teach.

Our Mission

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To educate the next generation of professionals and young people about cross-divisional collaboration utilizing Experiential Learning Trainings/Techniques.

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To develop the next generation of professionals and young people through facilitating Experiential Learning Trainings.

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Concrete Dreamers, LLC.

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